Sunday, December 5, 2010

RWLD #7 - Flat Classroom and Final Project

As we come to a close for the semester, there remain two projects that need to be completed, the Flat Classroom and the Final Project.

The Flat Classroom Project
The Flat Classroom is a project that has been running for weeks.  The class members have been "Expert Advisors" to the scores of students who have been involved in the Flat Classroom Project.  We have had varied success in interacting with the students. Some of you have had students reply to you and some of you haven't.   This seems to be part of the project.  

Once the written part of the Flat Classroom Project has been completed, the video portion of the project begins.  Students have been working on building collaborative videos addressing their specific part of the specific topic that they have selected.  This means that there are dozens of videos to judge.

The judging process actually begins during the week of December 6. This is an ongoing process where educators will be asked to review a collection of videos and evaluate them.  Here is the process you will need to follow to get involved in the judging process.

How to Become a Flat Classroom Project Judge: (We will be judging for the 10-B wiki)
  1. Visit the Judges Overview page.
  2. Read all of the material on the Overview page.
  3. *****Complete the Online Sign-up Form under the How do I Sign Up to Judge? section. (there are two links in step 1.  They go to the same webpage. You only have to complete 1 of them.)*****
  4. You don't have to join the wiki because you have all already done that.
  5. You should also already be a member of the Expert Advisors and Judges ning.
  6. Review the Timeline Overview
  7. Watch the Judges Meeting which is a recording of an online meeting for judges held on 12/5/10  (only 20 minutes).  It MAY be a little confusing. If it is, note your questions and send them to me through eLearning email.
  8. Dr. Z has already assigned each of you to a topic.  Click on your topic and it should take you to the Video Artifacts section of the topic.  If you end up on a page that also has their wiki writings, then look for the section at the top that says "Video Artifacts" and click on the link in that section. It will take you to a page that has a number of links to videos.
 How to Judge Videos 
  1. You will need to go through these videos and judge each of them using the multimedia rubric.  This rubric has 4 parts to it.  Read it through and become familiar with each of the parts.
  2. Now go through and watch each of the videos.  Some of them will "jump out at you" while others are obviously not videos that you would consider for an award (based upon the criteria listed in the rubric.)
  3. Once you have identified the top half of the videos. Use the rubric to specifically watch each of the videos and evaluate them using the criteria.  You will want to be accurate in your evaluation so you will want to either complete the rubric on the screen or print them out and complete them.
  4. After you have evaluated all of the videos, you need to select the top 4 videos. 
  5. You will be sent links to survey forms through email, they are NOT on the website.  This is done for security reasons.
  6. You must complete a survey for each of the top 4 videos.
  7. You may select one of the videos as your personal favorite. This will be listed in the survey.
  8. After you have completed your judging, complete the Flat Classroom Assignment below.
Flat Classroom Project Assignment page 
As a summation of the Flat Classroom Project, please complete the Flat Classroom Assignment. This asks you to reflect on the experience. I know that you may not have had too much interaction with the students in the writing phase, but please talk about this.